Panic to the dentist

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According to data from the British public health system, one in four people is afraid to visit the dentist, and it’s not just about boys.

This fear can respond to several motivations: the fear that the treatment will hurt, the panic to the needles or the rejection of the sounds and smells of the dental clinic, which can bring bad memories of childhood.

Here we give you 8 tips to take away your prejudices.

Find a comprehensive dentist

Ask your friends and acquaintances or specifically look for a professional who specializes in patients with anxiety.

Visit the clinic before the first consultation

Before ordering your first appointment, visit the clinic, meet the receptionist and the dentist and see what the environment is like. You can also inform them of your anxiety or phobia so they can take it into account for your future visits.

Try to take a turn in the morning

So you will have less time to think about your phobia and accumulate anxiety during the day.

Do not arrive early.

Try to arrive at the scheduled time so you do not have to wait at the clinic. In the waiting room you can feel more anxious about the sounds and smells.

Accord a sign in case of feeling uncomfortable

You can agree with your dentist a specific signal to indicate that you need a break and you want to stop. It can be simply pointing with your finger or raising your hand but it will make you feel more in control.

Bring your own music to relax and distract

You do not forget your headphones and your favorite music to relax or abstract while the dentist does his work. Time is going to happen much faster and you probably do not hear the sounds that generate anxiety so much.

Finally, if you have a serious phobia, explore the possibility of sedation

If going to the dentist generates extreme anxiety you can explore the possibility of anesthesia, after putting a cream on your gums so you do not feel the pinches.

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