Obesity has consequences on your oral health

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Obesity and sedentary lifestyle bring multiple health problems, such as diabetes and cardiovascular disorders. New studies indicate that their influence can go even further, and also affect the oral health of people.

It was published in the Journal of Periodontology, recently a research conducted by the University of Florida, which found poor general health, especially increases the risk of developing periodontitis, a chronic inflammatory pathology of the gums and ligaments and bones that hold the teeth.

Therefore, the results of the study emphasize that poor health is the cause of tooth loss in adult life, and this is why the experts stressed the importance of achieving an adequate weight and doing physical activity on a regular basis to maintain good health Oral.

Another study conducted by Case Western Reserve University of the United States, explains that losing weight improves the treatment of gum diseases, which can range from a simple inflammation to a severe condition in the tissues that support the teeth.

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