Orthodontics adapted to the needs of the patient

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In ancient times it was thought that orthodontics could only be applied to young patients and that it constituted a series of irons clinging to the teeth. This technique evolved and now it is known that anyone of any age can undergo orthodontic treatment to fix their teeth. In addition, you can decide what your  “appliances” look like and adapt them to your tastes.

Orthodontics is that specialty of dentistry that is responsible for correcting mainly the position of the teeth through the application of controlled forces to achieve aesthetics, harmony and function.

This treatment until a few years ago was only for young patients and was limited to the use of brackets (irons) that were easily noticed or to the use of palates of acrylic with a metal arch. At present, this has changed radically.

Today it can be installed almost at any age (ideally, the younger the better), there are also different options to perform this treatment.

There are ceramic brackets (transparent), acrylic, porcelain and metal (which are becoming smaller) less and less perceptible and that increasingly go unnoticed. They can be installed in the area of ​​the usual tooth, (anterior face) or can be installed by the internal part of the teeth (lingual face).

Today’s options allow us to offer the patient alternatives according to their case and according to their way of life, in the sense that in some cases the patients did not want to be put on.

It is a matter of deciding, evaluating which is the most appropriate technique for your case, complementing the diagnosis with a panoramic radiograph and starting a very popular treatment at present that allows us to obtain an attractive and healthy smile from our own natural dental pieces.

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