Is light required in teeth whitening

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Today there are so many options available in the market for teeth whitening – from over-the-counter treatments in pharmacies or high-level beauty stores and take-home products that are available through the dentist, to whitening procedures in the practice itself.

One of the methods of whitening that has gained popularity in the last decade includes the use of a high power light, either in the dental office or as a retail kit. The manufacturers of these systems declare that light accelerates the whitening process and produces a more spectacular and white final result.

As the popularity of these systems increased, more studies will begin to be published challenging the effectiveness of accelerated bleaching by light. While patients who receive a light-based bleaching treatment may see their teeth temporarily whiter than those who were only treated with a peroxide-based system (without light), the cause is the dehydrating effect of light on the teeth.

Teeth. One of the problems with light-based whitening is that patients may experience an increase in sensitivity due to heat and dehydration of the teeth caused by light, and – after treatment – when their teeth begin to rehydrate naturally.

To avoid extreme or unnecessary sensitivity and to achieve a satisfactory final whitening result, adhere to a professional whitening system dispensed through a dentist.

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