Reasons to wear orthodontics as an adult

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It is a slower process because, in many cases, some teeth are missing, or they are mouths that have already been subjected to different dental reconstruction treatments, which makes this therapy a little difficult. On average, an adult should stay with this treatment for 18 months to three years. But the treatment time may vary depending on the patient and the difficulty of the case. And, as with children, they will have to use a retainer after the braces or braces are removed to maintain the results achieved.

For this reason, it is essential that before having an orthodontic treatment, go to your general dentist for a review. Who will advise you about all the treatments that will have to be done so that the mouth is conditioned for orthodontics?


Most adults who undergo these therapies is strictly a matter of aesthetics, although it is true that many are not decided by the discomfort of wearing metal devices or brackets in view of everyone. For this reason, what is known as invisible orthodontics is often used, which are nothing more than transparent splints that can go unnoticed by others. This type of devices can even be removed whenever you want, for example, for a social event. Although the ideal, for orthodontic treatment to be effective, is to take it as long as possible, in the mouth.

Why undergo such treatment?

Many times we adults put the wrong idea that we have already arrived late to undergo a treatment of this type. However, it is never too late to try to have a healthy and well placed denture, which allows to perform the functioning of the mouth and teeth in a physiologically correct manner.

Thus there are many adults with teeth misaligned, with problems of dental malocclusion, which can cause abnormal wear in some teeth, as well as jaw problems. This problem has different causes, and although the most frequent is the hereditary one, it can be caused by the exit or eruption when we are small, in bad position of the upper incisors that come out more backwards or of the lower ones more forward, which causes a previous cross bite. This problem, in adults, can be corrected with braces or different devices and using elastics to bring the lower teeth backwards and the upper ones forward. However, sometimes, it is necessary to resort to surgery through which the bones will be well placed since the patient is no longer in the growth stage to be able to modify them; later, it will be combined with orthodontics, with which the occlusion can be left stable and all aligned.

Anyway, it is very important that to undergo a treatment of this type we must have a healthy teeth and gums, so before we must go to a dentist to rule out any problem in our mouth.

How can I know that I need orthodontic treatment?

Check with your dentist and he will perform an exploration of your mouth. Depending on the case, you will be referred to an orthodontist, who is a dentist who specializes in the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of dental and mouth deformities.

Also, remember that being in follow-up and treatment with the orthodontist does not exempt us from continuing with regular dental checks with the dentist.

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