Professional tooth cleaning

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In professional teeth cleaning, the teeth are freed of all coverings, such as coffee, tea or nicotine coatings and all hard to reach areas such as the interdental spaces are cleaned. The teeth are made “white” again and cleaned up to the last corner. Then the teeth are thoroughly polished and treated with a protective cure pack.

Why should a professional tooth cleaning be carried out?

By deposits of bacteria and food residues arise the dental diseases caries and Parondontose (tooth loosening). Often, the pads settle in small pores or are so hard that you cannot be removed with the toothbrush. Here only the dentist or the specially trained prophylactic assistant with a professional tooth cleaning can help. Studies have shown that the caries risk can be reduced by up to more than 50% through a prophylactic several times a year.

The professional teeth cleaning prevents caries and tooth loss and your teeth stay healthy longer.

Duration & Costs

Professional teeth cleaning should be done every half year. If necessary (e.g. strong tendency for calculus formation or tooth loosening, as well as with heavy smokers) a professional tooth cleaning every 3 months is recommended. Since professional teeth cleaning is the most effective way of preserving one’s own tooth structure in addition to daily brushing.

How long does the professional teeth cleaning take and how much does it cost?

A treatment session with professional teeth cleaning, polish and cure pack, as well as consultation and education takes about 45-60 minutes.

For patients who value their appearance, we offer a cosmetic dental treatment with a type of airflow that lightens the teeth. Especially after a strong coffee, tea or nicotine intake.

You invest in a beautiful smile and a fresh breath, in a better quality of life!

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