Pregnancy what you should know about your dental health

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Are you thinking about getting pregnant? Did you know that pregnancy can lead to some oral problems? This can happen if hygiene is neglected, due to hormonal changes or even because of possible vomiting during this period.

Gingivitis and gum pain: Pregnancy is accompanied by different hormonal changes that lead to the appearance of gingivitis. It usually manifests itself in the second month of pregnancy, reaching its limit in the eighth.

As you know, gingivitis is an inflammation and redness of the gums that can cause very strong pain and bleeding and that is why we must be aware that we can get to have serious problems. 50% of pregnant women are more susceptible to gingivitis, although this will rarely experience significant gingival changes if we have good oral health.

Granuloma of pregnancy: Granulomas are typical of pregnancy and its prevalence is 1.8-5% after the third month of pregnancy. It consists of a gingival enlargement and bleeding as an inflammatory response to bacterial plaque modified with hormonal changes. It tends to expand laterally, but it is an extreme case of gingival problem. Most decrease in size or disappear after childbirth.

Exposures to medical treatments: Dental check-ups are very important before pregnancy, because if a problem develops during pregnancy, it is not recommended to perform according to what treatments.

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