Overcome fear of the dentist

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It is very common, that many people suffer: the fear of the dentist’s consultation. An irrational fear, since it is a health specialist, someone whose job is to take care, in this case from our mouth. But that fear exists, and you must face it, because oral problems must be treated, and the sooner the better.

Leaving it for tomorrow will mean the progress of a situation that treated in time has a good prognosis, but if it is done too late it can mean more consultations, more treatments and, therefore, costs more money.

But how to fight against that fear? Perhaps it is due to ignorance, or a previous bad experience, in any case, the first thing is to try to identify the reason for that fear. It is important to ask for as much information as possible, there is nothing more reassuring than knowing what the person is facing and, in addition, it is convenient to go to a trusted specialist or one with good references.

That before undergoing the treatment. Once at the dentist’s office, it is best to go accompanied if that helps us to relax, especially during the waiting period. And do not be ashamed, if you are afraid the best thing is to tell the professional, they are used to this type of situations and can help overcome them.

Nor should we be afraid to tell you if at one time we feel upset or notice any pain, the dentist is aware of the importance of the patient being comfortable and will act accordingly.

And something very important: it is necessary to keep in mind that the techniques have advanced a lot, that less invasive treatments are always sought, that there are also more effective treatments to avoid pain and, above all, that dentists are highly qualified professionals who think first of all in your health and well-being.

But not only must we try to overcome the fear of the dentist, it is very important not to transmit it to our children, so as not to create a vicious circle that is very difficult to break.

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