Losing fear of the dentist sedation with nitrous oxide

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They find it hard to admit, but the main reason they do not want to go to the dental clinic is fear. There is a pathology known as fear or phobia to the dentist (xenophobia) that is defined as a persistent, irrational and unjustified fear of going to the dentist.  Due to this fear, many patients end up having really serious dental problems that can even lead them to lose teeth.

What is conscious sedation?

Conscious sedation is a technique by which the patient breathes a mixture of nitrous oxide and oxygen that quickly produces a pleasant sensation and relaxation. Nitrous oxide is a non-toxic, anesthetic, colorless, non-flammable gas with a slightly sweetened smell and taste. This mixture is known as happy air or gas of laughter, which makes us anticipate that it is a totally harmless gas.

The patient remains conscious throughout the treatment so you can follow the instructions of your dentist while performing the treatment but without feeling fear or anxiety. The use of this technique together with the local anesthetics that are applied to the patient turns your stay in the clinic into a completely pleasant moment in which you will hardly remember what happened during the dental procedure. This situation also affects the professional who treats him, since it allows him to work more relaxed, applying faster and safer treatments.

One of the areas where conscious sedation is very useful is in pediatric dentistry, odontology in children. Children are not always able to be patient and cooperative during treatment and other times it is the same fear of being hurt that prevents them from opening their mouths. Now these children, from four years of age, can be given the option of sedation and in this way make your experience at the dentist positive.

Conscious sedation becomes even more necessary in patients with some psychic disability since their fear and anguish are increased in the dentist and without this technique it would be practically impossible to perform dental treatments.

Today this technique is being applied in implant with unbeatable results. Implant surgeries are usually long and the patient can get tired and feel some discomfort. With sedation the patient is relaxed, calm and enjoying.

Likewise, sedation is increasingly practiced in elderly people who have lost their ability to respond voluntarily. Through sedation you can perform a simple dental cleaning without having to put them through a very difficult situation for them.

Sedation with nitrous oxide is a highly safe technique, it is not aggressive for the patient and the recovery after its administration is very fast. It is applied by the same dentist, which makes it a comfortable, safe and effective method.

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