Keys to overcome fear to the dentist

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Did you know that 70% of people do not go to the dentist and 85% have never taken their children either? An unhealthy situation for patients, but also an economic problem for the dental sector.

The economic difficulties are one of the main reasons to leave aside the consultation to the dentist. An aspect that with the arrival of the crisis has been sharpening. Experts place US in the top positions of odontophobia, an emotional disorder that according to the World Health Organization 15% of people suffer. The fear of pain or the diagnosis of any periodontal disease adds fear to the price of the consultation.

However, leaving aside routine visits with the dentist can have serious consequences. The periodontal disease or oral pathologies cannot show signs of appearance, but go forward and invisibly formed. Perhaps, when the patient reports the problem, either too late and must undergo a very long treatment with a heavier bill. Sometimes the cheap turns out to be expensive. We must bear in mind that basic dental treatments are preventive, so investing a certain amount of money in them is the most effective solution to not disburse much later.

Despite these alarming figures, more and more patients are becoming aware of the importance of maintaining impeccable oral health. It is not enough to maintain a daily oral hygiene, but in your regular visit to the dentist you can perform a dental cleaning or a simple treatment in a few sessions if you need it.

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