How then eat the extraction of a wisdom tooth

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The extraction of wisdom teeth can be a painful process that requires the modification of all you do for a couple of weeks. One of the main aspects that people should adapt is your diet. The extraction of a tooth creates a very sensitive area in your mouth, and if not properly cared for, could potentially getting a dry or worse alveoli is. The first two days are difficult, but as time passes, it becomes easier to enjoy the foods you like.


  1. Rest and sleep for 5 or 6 hours after surgery. I’ll be hungry by fasting before surgery, but eating foods could derange your stomach. Remember to drink plenty of fluids to stay hydrated.
  2. Get soft foods before undergoing surgery. The best eating are the soups, puddings, mashed potatoes and other soft thing without chunks or small pieces. For the first two days, you can only eat this kind of food.
  3. Keep soups and coffees at a warm temperature. Anything too hot can damage blood clots forming which help protect and heal the areas where the molars were removed.
  4. You have drinks without carbonates or acids. These include water, milk, coffee and sports drinks. You should avoid sodas and juices with acids.
  5. Broaden your food choices during the second and third day. Every patient is different, but for the second day, you can incorporate macaroni and cheese and other soft foods such as pizza crusts.
  6. Return to your dentist for a follow-up, checks the progress of your healing and see when you can start adding other foods.
  7. Rinse your mouth gently with warm water to release any crumbs or leftover food stuck in your teeth. Just let the water slip through your mouth while you rinse, because if the expulses can break up blood clots.

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