Foods after a tooth extraction

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Wisdom teeth are molars located in the part back and at the top and bottom of the mouth. Some people never require the extraction of wisdom teeth, while others require the removal of one or four. The molar extraction leaves large holes in the gum area that required stitches to prevent bleeding in the area. It requires special care immediately after extraction of wisdom teeth to keep the area free of infection or prevent loosening or breaking points.


After extraction of wisdom teeth can drink beverages like water, cola, coffee and juices. Avoid extremely hot or alcoholic beverages that can irritate sensitive areas of the gums near the extraction area. To consume a malted you should drink it or use a spoon. Avoid using a straw with your drinks, because the suction effect can cause the blood extraction zone again.

Soft foods

Soups, applesauce, cottage cheese, pudding and pasta are soft enough to be consumed after removal of wisdom teeth. The soup should be warm and you must be careful to avoid disturbing covered area sensitive gums moving points. Avoid spicy foods that can irritate the extraction area.

Two days after extraction

After two days, you can progress to harder foods or chew things like meat, bread, vegetables and fruits. Eat small bites until you are sure that the food does not affect the sensitive area of your gum. To loosen sore muscles of the jaw chews slowly. After three or four days you can introduce tougher foods like pretzels or nuts.

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